Hi, I am Marie!

I was born and raised in the French Basque Country. When my first two choices of career- archaeologist and writer, were met with little encouragements and reality check facts, I decided to settle for a much more down-to-earth choice that was expected from me: accountancy.

After successful studies in the field, I started to work for an accountancy company and remained in the business for almost 10 years. The job was steady and I was good at it, but I couldn’t help to feel…inadequate? Without purpose? I remember thinking I wanted “more“ without being able to define what that meant for me. But I was tired to try to “fit in the box“.

It took an other side of my personal life to be in shamble to discover about personal development and start a journey to find my best self. Encouraged by the first changes I could do in my life, I started to travel, then further, longer and more frequently, until I had a revelation moment in Ireland. Moved by nothing else than my intuition, I took the crazy decision to leave my job, my flat, my family and friends behind and move to Dublin with no plan and alone-apart from a bit of savings and 2 suitcases.

My new home away from home allowed me to build a new career in customer service, while continuing exploring my true self. I realised my love for people and my will to help other individuals taking the same journey, so I completed a 9 month training to become a coach.

I met the man of my life. While talking about our future, we realised a new move was needed to build the life we had envisioned for ourselves, so we moved to Germany. We bought a historical house in the Moselle area and got married- right in the middle of the Covid crisis. I also became a certified “Infinite Possibilities“ trainer and created my own business.

My life today continues to be full of learning and new experiences. I know a fair bit about being hard working and resilient. My clients define me as positive, full of energy and with a good sense of humour. I am supportive and genuine, and I have no problem to be honest, but always with love and care.

How can I help you today?