I help working individuals in their 20-40s struggling with work/life balance, discover what matters to them and get more fun and happiness in their life.

I teach them an easy and comprehensible process that they can start using straight away to ease areas of their lives where they are challenged so that they can switch from “I have to“ to “I want to“. Then I make sure to support them in this change process over time-cause I know first times are not always easy. Finally, I make sure they master the process of change and end up independent when it comes to building their own happiness.

Maybe you are in your 20-40s, you have have been adulting for a while and you are in a stable situation right now. However, if you are to be honest, you feel sort of…inadequate? Like something is not quite fitting. Sure, you have a good enough job, a nice place, maybe in a steady relationship too, but somehow, things don’t seem right.

You function alright, you do everything as you should, but when the noise gets quieter, when you are home, in public transportation or lying in your bed, you can’t help thinking:

How is it that I did everything right and still, things don’t feel right?

You have the feeling that you run all the time, after time, after money. You are always worried about where you need to go next, or this thing you forgot to do this morning. You are constantly stuck between the past and the future, wondering which choices led you to where you are now and if you really want things to continue the same way for the next 50 years.

At the end of the day, you feel torn between your need to make a living and your will to live your life

People and situations just seem to pass by: you can hardly remember when was the last time you spent an evening catching up with your best friend, or when you had a genuine conversation with your sister, left alone take the time to just wander around or sit in a park. Everything seems to be so busy and necessary all the time, you forgot what is it to do something you like anymore, or to take the time to build or nurture relationships and connections. So much so that you came to the realisation that:

It’s like you are a character in a story, but it’s not YOUR story.

You have chosen to ignore those feelings for a while now. You find that questioning your today’s reality is ungrateful and spoiled-child like, especially in regard of people who are less fortunate than you and everything that is happening in the world right now. You know you should feel lucky and content, but you don’t. You feel deeply powerless, sometimes overwhelmed and secretly sad at the same time.

A while ago, you ventured to talk about it to people around you. Your cousin looked at you with round eyes and asked “But what do you want more?“, the guys from the club said “Come on, have an other one, you will feel better afterwards!“, your mom rolled her eyes and let you know that, at her time, people were asking themselves less questions.

None of that helped.

You tried to find answers online, but couldn’t even find what to type in the search bar for how you feel. So you just sit down with it for a bit. Until you couldn’t anymore.

Maybe you have learned about this person you went to university with who is experiencing a complete meltdown. Or maybe you met this couple who proudly talked about their financial achievements for an hour and you couldn’t help thinking “Ok… is that all we should hope for?“. Or maybe something happened that made you consider your life from a more global perspective. Whatever it is, you didn’t like it. It triggered you and you realised you cannot turn blind eyes anymore.

You want to live in a world where being happy and feeling complete is normal. You wish for a life where you are the main character, a life that is happening with you and not to you. You want to be in charge, being aware and present. You want to attract like minded people who lift and support each other. You are craving for genuine connections and grounding in your life.

Hi, I am Marie!

I was an accountant for about 10 years before I started questioning my reality aka “having it all“ and still feel empty. Since, I have spent the last decade unpacking stuff, learning and reading everything I could about how to change yourself, constantly growing and evolving. This involved me traveling and living abroad in 2 different countries since 2014.

I am a certified life coach since 2019 and I have been coaching ever since. You can learn more about me and my story here.

You and I could be a good fit if:

You are quite new to personal development: You may have read some personal development books or tried coaching occasionally with the intention to go further but that didn’t happen.

You are down-to-earth but open-minded and curious: spirituality, meditation, all of that seems a bit too “out there“ for you. You are happy if it works for the others but it’s not really your thing. You remain open to learning and stay curious however, and you look forward to a different perspective, even (especially?) if it is outside of the box.

You are ready to do something about your situation: You don’t know what to do, but you are serious about acting on your situation. You are ready to commit to a solution and give it your best shot.

You like the idea that life could feel good: What if it could be easy, fulfilling, inspiring, nicely surprising, fun and magical? You are onboard! You allow yourself to think of a life built by design that matches what matters the most to you.

I have a special place in my heart for…

Genuine people with a good sense of ethics and generally some good values in life-you know who you are.

People who can be witty, with a good sense of humour: this doesn’t mean you take things slightly, but rather that you can laugh about yourself or your situation when that’s all left to do.

Ecologically conscious people: you are fully aware of the state of our planet right now and you know it’s not getting better. In the meantime, you have already implemented several actions in your life to start limiting your impact and you are considering some new ones.

People who like to get lost in a good book: movies are cool, but you know nothing beats the decors and characters you have imagined in your head 🙂

Traits in a client that I know are not working for me:

People who already know everything: If you are part of this group, I am glad for you. But that also means I can’t teach you anything and you might want to consider other options.

People with extreme points of view: I respect them, but working with me means I will challenge those views. While it’s part of the work, extreme views about the world require an extra- and most of the time pointless, use of my time and energy and I prefer to use both for something else.

People who are looking for a “simply press the button“ solution: Quick fixes are possible, but they remain fixes. If you are more the kind of “one problem/one solution“ type of person, it’s your right, but I know by experience that this is not sustainable on the long term. Hence I will advise you to look for another type of support-Instagram influencers, quizzes and tests in feminine magazines etc.

Sounds exciting? Let’s talk!

I would thoroughly recommend Marie as a business and life coach. She is a very caring person and I found it so easy to talk to her. Her powerful coaching questions allowed me to come up with great solutions for myself.

Annabelle, Dublin

I met Marie first time when I was very stressed and anxious about my job situation and a bit lost about my future in this regard. I experienced negative feelings that I never did before. Only by listening to me and giving me the time and space to talk, I started to look at things clearer. She also suggested me a few exercises which would help me find my career path

Sue, Dublin