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The 10 biggest misconceptions about coaching in Europe

The truth is: most people have no clue what coaching is. Most of the time, they have “heard of” and they “think that” but it’s a bit of a guess, specially in our European cultures where coaching is not a thing-yet.

Bellow, I have gathered affirmations I regularly heard about coaching, so hopefully it could help you have a better idea too!

1- If I need coaching it means that something is wrong with me: Nothing is wrong with you and coaching is not there to fix you: you have a coach because you want to move on with aspects of your life and achieve things. Pretty cool, eh?

2- Coaching is expensive: Actually, there’s coaching at pretty much any price. If you’re looking for a coach in Europe vs in the US or a life coach vs a business coach, then we are talking factor 1 to 100 in term of hourly price. Also, depending on regions, on the coach experience, the city, the offer etc, an hour of life coaching can go anywhere from about 30€ to about 500€- but most coaches will stay under 100€/hour. Now, if you find this is still too expensive, you have to keep this question in mind: how much your goal is worth to you? What would you be ready to put on the table to get your dream to come true (or your nightmare to end)? Everyone’s answer is different, but I bet it’s something around “priceless”.

3- Coaching is a scam: Coaching is very real and powerful but you won’t know until you do 2 things: 1- You try 2- You try seriously. The reason why people struggle to explain it, it’s because it remains a very personal experience, that is hard to explain in words sometimes. Don’t be fooled though: coaching is no magic! You will need to be ready to show up, to take actions, be honest, face questions you never asked yourself before etc. If not, over time, every great coach will probably suggest a more suitable option for you- including terminating your coaching relationship.

4- Thank you but I don’t want to lie on a couch: Cool, cause that doesn’t happen in a coaching session (I think you mix up with psychotherapy maybe…?). Some sessions can happen in a café or this kind of warm place: you will feel so eased that sometimes you will wonder if you’re not catching up with an old friend. Better even: most sessions are happening online, so you will be able to be nice and cosy from your own couch (and the position you have in there is up to you).

5- I don’t have time for that at the moment: Let’s be honest here: we all know the true version of this sentence is actually “I don’t make time”. Should I really remind you about those hours lost scrolling on social media…? (and don’t get me started on how gratifying this is…). With online coaching, you literally just need an hour of your time for yourself from time to time- no traffic jam, no rush after work, no need for babysitter, you can even do it from a meeting room at work during your lunch break!

6- You need to be ready for coaching: Legit comment! How would you know if you are ready or not then…? A good question to ask yourself if you ask me: Are you tired of not taking actions? are you at the point that not changing is not an option any longer? Good, then you are ready.

7- You need to invest financially in it: Yes and no. Coaching can take different forms, from coaching books to free workshops. Some associations and coaching schools also propose free coaching sessions. Either way, let me just ask you this: do you think it’s worth investing in you?

8- Coaching is for Americans! Hum…yes indeed, coaching is embedded in American culture for longer than us, partially because it started there but also because their culture celebrates the importance of achievement and success in a bigger proportion than ours. Does it mean that we have to deprive ourselves of a great tool to thrive just because of that? I don’t think so…

9- I don’t think I’m a great candidate for coaching: Do you want to take action or not? That’s all you need to know. If yes, coaching IS for you. If not, then it’s probably not the right time yet! Maybe you could start opening your horizon with some development books or start following a coach on social media/newsletter to get a flavour of how it looks like. Time will say!

10- I hear about goals and change and all of that but I still don’t know what coaching is exactly: Fair point! Think about it as a constructive conversation with someone you trust, that allows you to see things differently and take actions on what you want to change in your life. Now if you want more details about the technique, the frame etc, you can always check documentation from the International Coaching Federation for instance. But really: when you turn on the light at home, do you wonder about how the cables bring power to your house, the power plant creates that energy, how thanks to Thomas Edison who invented the bulb…? No. You just focus on the result and enjoy the clarity of your cosy home. Then why not doing the same with coaching…?

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