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When is the last time you did only one thing at a time?

In a world where we are constantly trying to maximise, optimise, multitask, we do our best to increase the time we have available. Still, since 24 hours per day is a pretty set value, doing a couple of things at the same time seems to be the only way 😅

We drive while singing to the radio then, answer a phone call. We watch TV while catching up with our partner and writing messages to friends. We cook while listening to a podcast and doing some check lists in our head.

I am the first guilty of that 🙋 However, I did notice something:

1- I usually do it more when I am overwhelmed.
2- When I do, at the end of the day, I feel like I didn’t achieve anything.

Multitasking demand that we divide our energy and presence in multiple places at the same time. The only result we do achieve is draining ourselves, in addition to feeding a circle of overwhelming feeling.

So for this week, why not trying something different? Slow down. Instead of multitasking for an hour, take every task one by one and do them consciously. Notice what you complete and achieve. I bet you will finish your day on a much better impression 😊

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