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The Surrender Experiment

As mentioned in my last post, I took the opportunity to read (a lot) during my retreat a few days ago. That’s more great books that I can share with you 🙂 Here is the review of my last read, you can find all my book recommendations here.

What is it? Singer was still a student when he realised something: he always had a voice in his head commenting everything he was doing, throwing some “I like this, I don’t like that” all day long, judging him. He became fascinated about it and decided to learn everything he could about it. This book is first tells about his different experiences, from trying to control it, to work with some Zen masters. Until he made himself a promise: surrender to anything life was presenting at him-disregard to what he wanted in the first place. That’s how he started a journey that will lead him from living in the wood to become the CEO of a billion dollar company.

Who is it for? People who ever wondered “What would happen if I stopped controlling my life?”, people who are questioning the negative self talk in their head.

Why is it good? It is fascinating to witness where life leaded Singer through all the aspects of his life. This long life experiment brought him to build businesses, relationships and adventures he would have never imagined himself. Singer’s reminders about how things came into his life can sound repetitive at times, but it remains an excellent testimonial of the Universe/God incredible miracles.

My biggest take away from the book: It’s an excellent reminder about how life works: we can have all the plans in the world, how we want things to happen and when, some “higher powers” might have different itineraries for us to take. It helped me revive the memory of how good it feels when you let things go and magic happens.

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