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My 2 cents for people who want to start envisioning their dream life (2/2)

So last week I was talking about how to start envisioning your dream life. This week, I wanted to present you with the tiny lines at the bottom of the previous post. You know, the ones you never read but really should? Those ones. Let’s call them “Complementary guidelines for a better experience”.

1- You have to make the conscious decision to work on it:

We are all so caught up in our every day’s life, the busyness of it, the bills, the duties, that I can guarantee you that it won’t happen until you decide it. It is so easy to read a book, do a workshop and think “Oh that’s great”, just to immediately go back to our routine. That’s not a decision, that’s an idea. Dreaming your life is work and, if you have read the first part of this article, you already know that it requires practice and resilience. And for that, you will need to turn your idea into a decision, in other words put this idea into concrete actions. I am talking setting some time aside, having a daily fix slot in your agenda, taking a particular moment during the weekend when you know you are always home- preferably alone! Make short 10-15 minutes sessions, something realistic that you can easily to squeeze in. That’s it. But stick with it and I can assure you it will pay off over time.

2-Everyone can do it:

That’s a great part of this work: you don’t need any special skills, any magical abilities or special awareness to do it. Anyone can! Sure people who are used to use their imagination or have been doing some soul search for a while may have an easier time, but they are not special (see section 4). You don’t even need any tool or accessory to start, just a quiet space in your home, where you can avoid any distraction. Get your pet out of the room, ask your partner to watch the kids and disappear for the rest of the world. Don’t get the quiet you need or focus too much on the noises around you? You can easily find some free meditation apps that will allow you to get some relaxing music or natural sounds (like rain, waterfall, wind in the trees) so that you can isolate yourself a bit more. Now the floor is yours, time for you to dream!

3-You will get better at it:

I don’t talk about work and practice for the sake of it. It’s not about self punishment or getting “the right of having a great life”. See, if you-like me, have grown up in a Western society, you have most likely been requested to believe in study hard, get a job, buy a house, have children and pay taxes- I call it “fit in the box”. And now, you want to tell your brain “What about a bit of fantasy, come on, let’s go crazy!!” after 30-40 years of telling him the opposite, what do you think will happen? Yeah, not much… And it makes sense! You can’t expect to change your entire conception of what your life should look like in a blink. But changing your vision tiny steps by tiny steps, a bit more every day, will end up in allowing yourself to see clearer and further over time. The brain learns over repetition, that’s why you need to do it regularly. The good news is: the more you do it, the easier it gets! So practice.

4-Stop comparing with the others:

As an effect of section 2 and 3 will come a time where you will be in a workshop or a retreat, you will meet all those amazing people, and you won’t help thinking “It’s so easy for them, I wish it was like that for me too”. Well, think again. Everyone started somewhere and right now, you might be comparing your 3 month work to their 13 years work. It doesn’t look the same because, well, it’s not the same. They too have had some doubts, they too have had a harder time, they too probably felt stupid or inadequate at the beginning, but they stick with it, and what you see is the result of it. You find that amazing? Great! Be inspired by it! Take them as an excellent example of how the result can look like. But don’t envy them, they are just ahead of practice. Just stick with your own and magic will come too!

5- Sometimes it sucks:

Sometimes, you sit there and you are immediately flooded by those exciting visions of an incredible future that goes above and beyond your wildest dreams, a world of colours, joy, flow and abundance that you could have never thought about before. And sometimes it sucks. No matter how hard you try, all you can think of is your shopping list, this flight you still haven’t booked and whether or not you actually sent the attachment in your last email. That happens all the time, specially during busy or stressful time. It’s called being a human. And that’s fine. Be gentle with yourself, accept it and move on, you will do better next time. Just don’t use it as an excuse to skip your next session. Instead, if you can, be better prepared and complete your checklists before you sit down to do your work.

Hopefully, those few tips will help you have an easier time! There is one final and crucial point that I recommend you have in mind every time you sit there, about to do the work, something that should remain at the centre of everything: envisioning your future life should be the most exciting and amusing thing you do. Don’t make it a duty or something you “have to”, keep it fun! We are talking limitless self, crazy dreams and glitter paved ways here. So accept whatever comes to your mind and don’t judge it. Think about it as writing a grown up Christmas wish list that you get the chance to write every day- how cool is that? Happy daydreaming everyone!

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