Change Adept Program


Do you already have a good understanding of conscious change, but life went on the way and you need a good refresher now? Have you successfully changed aspects of your life, but are stuck on a specific one at the moment? Have you already completed the Change Trainee Program and are ready for more now? Then this program is for you!

What is this program about?

After having mastered the art of taking responsibility for your life and started creating consciously, it is time for you to go one step further! We will continue to apply the same concepts than previously, but with more focus on switching from survival mode to being a creator. This time, I will initiate you to the process of visualisation, with clear explanations about the do and don’t. Be ready to rock your life for the best!

What would you get from it?

At the end of those transformative 10 weeks, you will be able to:

– Master the concept and the process of manifestation.

– Initiate change in aspects of your life you are challenged by.

– Be comfortable expressing and building your ideal life.

– Tune into a life of abundance and joy.

What is included in the program?

– 10 weeks of continuous support by a qualified coach and trainer.

– 2 sessions of 2 hours online private teaching call, with exercises and concrete examples.

– 8 sessions of 1 hour online coaching call to discuss how is change going for you, check your progresses and challenges.

How do I sign up?

Simply book the workshop by clicking on one of the buttons below. You will then receive an email to schedule your first session!


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