Coaching Relationnel


We work with women who are unhappy with their relationship status.

Whatever they are currently in a bad relationship or desperately trying to find one, they know something is not quite right.

They feel like they have tried everything to get out of celibacy: the online dating scene, follow advice like “you should go out there”, accept blind dates and setups, but nothing seems to take off. They try so hard that they don’t know what to do anymore, and they are pretty tired and frustrated about the situation.

And just as if it wasn’t enough, in addition of undergoing a situation they didn’t choose, they see time ticking, and the urgency feeling that grows in them is getting worse at every pregnancy, wedding and engagement announcement.

During this 6 months one to one coaching program, we help them to switch from frustration and sense of powerlessness to more freedom, more happiness and more balance.

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Please note this program is only available in English for now.