Customer Service Consulting

I work with SMBs and startups who forgot to invest money and time in their customer service so far, in order to build a customer experience that creates amazing business relationships while putting forward their company values.

If you read those lines, you might be a start up or a SMB, you have been in business for a while and things are going pretty well! You are now looking to expand and are looking forward to it. Except for one thing. There is one specific part of your business that makes your hair stand up: your customer service. Actually a “service” is a big word for how it looks like at the moment. It’s more of a patchwork of previous hasty decisions.

Maybe you first started by asking your secretary to answer customer phone calls. But then it became too much and she didn’t know what to do with the technical questions she received per email. She had to forward every request to the technical team who answered when they felt like. So you hired someone else, and since you didn’t have enough volume for her to have a full time job, she also got in charge of sales. Then sales became so much that that’s all she could do. So you gave the customer service inquiries to an intern.

The rest of the story has been a copy/paste of the same behaviour: something didn’t work anymore, you firefightered with a temporary solution that worked- until it didn’t. The result? The people working in your customer service team received a training (of sorts) but don’t seem to be following the same process, most of them are not really engaged in their job, retention is low. Your customers are not delighted either: you regularly receive complains on your personal inbox or nasty comments when delivering your product.

That’s not a nice place to be and you are aware that some things need to change. But you are exhausted just thinking about what you would need to do for this to happen.

I can help you with that 🙂

I have been working in customer service for close to 10 years, including in training and coaching positions. I have recruited and trained remote teams, tidied up and built processes where no one else wanted to go, supported and initiated projects that needed to be done before the client even knew what he wanted. I don’t say I saw it all, but I saw a few.

I help my clients get a clear picture of their current situation as well as the values that matter to them. I also challenge their vision of customer service so that they can start moving from “it’s not productive and it cost money” to “it’s our best asset and an essential part of our business”. In the end, we work together to build a team and processes that serve the best interest, not only of their business, but also of their customers.

How do we do that?

The first essential step here will be to have a global mind shift and consider customer service not as a cost but as an opportunity. Everything will come from that.

Then we will go through a comprehensible process that will lead us to:

1- Assess your current situation: we will get an exhaustive and honest picture of your existing customer experience.

2- Get crystal clear about your company culture, values and beliefs: we will make sure you know what is at the heart of your business.

3- Define standard processes: we will translate the previous into your customer journey, to have a meticulous guideline delivered to your customer service team 2.0.

4- Set up a feedback process: we will make sure that you have a rock solid way of receiving and processing feedback to make sure the voice of your customers is heard in your business at any time.

You and I could be a good fit if:

You didn’t take care of your customer service so far: You know you should and you really wish you did but you didn’t. There was always another area of your business that needed more attention or that was more urgent, leading your customer service to be…this.

You are ready to do something about your situation: You don’t know what to do, but you realise that not acting is no longer an option. You have reached a pivotal point and realised your customer service needs to change. For that, you are ready to commit to a solution and give it your best shot.

You are ready to hear what your customers have to say: So far you might have thought that “getting feedback” mainly meant “getting complains” but you recently realised that you don’t know much about your customer experience. You are now ready to have a two ways communication with your clients-and not only to get churned customers back.

You like the idea that life customer service can feel good: What if it could be easy, rewarding, constructive, fun, while being your best sales and marketing tool? You are onboard! You allow yourself to think of amazing relationships with your customers, that lead to viral word of mouth and long lasting business, in ways that match what matters for you as a company.

Sounds good? Drop me an email!

Marie is very responsible and committed to the job, has a great sense of humour and consistently produces high-quality results. She always has the ability and empathy to help customers in customer service while always coming up with ideas to improve the service. Definitely someone you can count on and who you will always want on your team!

Pablo G- San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico

Marie a une capacité remarquable dans le choix des employés. Elle a su recruter des profils totalement différents mais complémentaires permettant le lancement et le bon fonctionnement d’une entreprise étrangère sur le marché français en peu de temps. Grâce à sa grande capacité d’écoute, elle a su valoriser son équipe et maintenir une relation de confiance notamment lors de périodes difficiles.

Bunyamin E-Ankara, Turkey