Coaching has the reputation to be a rather expensive process. Hence, if you see a person struggling around you, you might be thinking about helping with a voucher for coaching sessions. While this is a very nice idea of yours, I have found this to be rather ineffective, both for you and for the friend you are trying to help.

Indeed, your friend could see it as a “you have a problem to fix” kind of message, or as an urge to do something when your friend might not be ready doing that-just yet. Leading you to spend some money on something that will end up stay unused.

The solution? Asking for permission.

While it is most likely that your friend could benefit from coaching sessions, it is up to him/her to decide if he/she is willing to start this journey. So here is what I propose to people who would like to offer some of my coaching sessions as a gift:

1- I contact your friend per email inviting him/her to book a free consultation call with me with the message “Your friend John thought you might want to talk with me”
2- If your friend wants to do so, we will proceed with a consultation call when I will assess your friend need for coaching and willingness to go through the process.
3- If the person wants to book his/her first session, I will contact you to arrange for the session payment-special price will apply!
4- I will send a follow up email to the person letting her know that his/her first session is courtesy of yourself!

If the person is not willing to book the consultation call or the first session, I will let you know as soon as possible. You won’t own me anything and you will receive a 50% discount voucher as a thank you gift for trusting me with your friend, to use for yourself or share with another friend.

What are the advantages for you?

1- You make sure that the person is OK with receiving coaching
2- You make sure that the person is OK working with me
3- You make sure that your money is used wisely!

Help somebody around you to take the first step toward his/her new life and open his/her possibilities with life coaching!

Important to know:

  • Sessions can be provided in English or French.
  • Available for life or relationship coaching sessions.
  • Paid vouchers and sessions are non refundable.
  • First coaching session can be modified up to 12 hours before the session.