Own Your Luck Program


Do you want to attract luck? To be like those people who become successful quickly and effortless? To experience being at the right place at the right time and feel that your stars are finally aligning? Get more fun, more friends, more treats, all of those kind of sparkles that makes life brighter, lighter and funnier?

The good news is: you can have all of that! And the even better good news is: you don’t need to be more clever, richer or more popular to do this. You just need to start where you are, and do what you can with what you have.

What is this program about?

This training is based on the law of attraction- this belief that your thoughts become the reality of your life. This ideology has been described in more details in the movie and the book “The Secret”. However, positive thinking alone is not enough to bring change: you also need to show up and act accordingly to what you are looking for if you want it to manifest. This program is based on Mike Dooley workshop “Infinite Possibilities”.

It focuses on two different dimensions:

A spiritual dimension: you will get the opportunity to think about what is important for you and why. With this, you will define dreams and aspirations for yourself so you can start living them through visualisation.

A physical dimension: with the first point in mind, you will start to take actions that will lead you closer from what you are looking for. Be ready for more goals and concrete steps!

What would you get from it?

With this 6 week program, you will be able to:

– Understand the system behind what we usually see as “luck”.

– Have a fresh perspective on your today’s reality.

– Act and think consciously to change aspects of your life.

– Allow yourself to envision your dream life again.

What is included in the program?

– 6 weeks of continuous support by a qualified coach and trainer.

– 6 sessions of 2 hours online private teaching call, with exercises and concrete examples.

– At the end of the program, 2 follow up sessions of 1 hour online, after 2 weeks and after 4 weeks.

-“The Infinite Possibilities: the art of changing your life” workbook by Mike Dooley

– Practice the law of attraction at your own pace.

If you would prefer to follow this program with a group of like minded people, please note that this program is also available as group coaching.

How do I sign up?

Simply book the program by clicking on one of the buttons below. You will then receive an email to schedule your first session!


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