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When I turned 40, I did an experiment.

Over the past few years, I have attended several personal growth and transformation conferences, workshops and other retreats. But most of them left me with a sense of…mismatch. Indeed, I always thought this was a very personal work, where everyone is going at his own pace, at his own time. And still, they all included group work or, at the very least, work with a partner. While this was great to meet amazing people with incredible life stories, it left me thinking "Where was the space for me to reflect on my own stuff?".

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Pourquoi avons-nous autant de mal à mettre des limites?

Il faut du cran et de la résilience pour définir, fixer et s'en tenir à ses limites. Vous serez très probablement qualifié d'"égoïste" plus d'une fois. Mais, au bout du compte, c'est la seule façon pour vous de vous protéger des relations toxiques, avant de pouvoir en construire d'autres bienfaisantes. Et le résultat sur votre équilibre de vie vaudra tous vos efforts

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Why do we struggle so much to have standards?

It takes guts and resilience to define, set and stick to your standards. You might end up being labelled as "selfish" more than once. But, at the end of the day, it's the only way for you to protect yourself from toxic relationships-before you are able to build some supporting ones. And the result on your life balance will be worth all your efforts