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Why do we struggle so much to have standards?

It takes guts and resilience to define, set and stick to your standards. You might end up being labelled as "selfish" more than once. But, at the end of the day, it's the only way for you to protect yourself from toxic relationships-before you are able to build some supporting ones. And the result on your life balance will be worth all your efforts

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Il est temps de changer

Vous voyez cet article et vous vous dites "Oh, je n'ai pas entendu parler d'elle depuis pas mal de temps". Effectivement! A une période de l'année où tout le monde s'en va vers des destinations ensoleillées, mon copain et moi avons décidé de déménager et d'aller tenter notre chance dans un autre pays. Boom! Plus excitant que d'améliorer son bronzage, non?

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Time for a change

You see this post and you wonder "Oh, I didn't hear from her for quite a bit actually". Indeed! At a time of the year where everyone is going for sunny destinations, yours truly decided to have a slightly different summer: my boyfriend and me decided to move and try our chances in another country. Boom! More exciting than improving your suntan, right?