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Time for a change

You see this post and you wonder “Oh, I didn’t hear from her for quite a bit actually”. Indeed! At a time of the year where everyone is going for sunny destinations, yours truly decided to have a slightly different summer: my boyfriend and me decided to move and try our chances in another country. Boom! More exciting than improving your suntan, right?

Well, in reality, it’s mainly dealing with a lot of boxes and stop counting kilometres, but it’s also discovering yourself (and your partner in this case) in a different setup- good news I still love my new self and my new partner in there. We both already had the experience of living in countries that were not originally ours but somehow, every of this immigrating adventures is unique in the way each of us lives it, experiences it and feels it. It relates right there in our guts, in the things we can’t explain, something primal of sorts.

I first thought I could use this experience to share with you a bunch of advice and tell more of my story too, but the truth is, this kind of adventure is so personal, so intimate that you can’t reflect on it objectively. At least, not on the spot. A change of language, of culture, of the political and economic system, of everything basically, sends you back to your own fears of the unknown, awakes old memories from the past (good or bad), while you are constantly assaulted by contradictory emotions, in a word: it unsettles you big time. The truth is, it takes a lot of energy and brain space to keep grounded and focused on your final vision(s).

And boy, we do have a lot of projects! More than switching of health or tax system, this change is for us the occasion to finally take the time and chance to close the gap between what we want in life and how our life looks like. How we see work, how we want to consume, how we want to parent, all those aspects of life that sometimes seem too big to be changed because the context doesn’t allow it. Well, we changed the context now 🙂 and the blank page in front of us strangely doesn’t seem scary at all but rather exciting and inspiring. Definitely a lot of new experiences to come, a lot of opportunities to grow as a human being and as a life coach. I look forward to sharing all of that with you and even more. Don’t you? Stay tuned for more!

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